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Lisa Oswald 

is the awake channel for the workspace of Pleiadian Great Light Channel and founder of Project Lightbody. She did not learn how to channel. She was born with a glass chakra nervous system with celestial perception, enabling her to experience the full spectrum of light through her lightbody. The lightbody has the knowledge of everything that is needed and unknown by the mind and the ordinary five senses. During channeling, she blends her awake energies with the Pleiadians and the ancient, sentient Entity, This One, and transmits awake energy embedded with soul-lit information.


It’s over lifetimes of working with Pleiadian energy that she came here to not only be aware of this awake, universal energy but to be able to reflect and transmit it. This rare kind of channeling space is awake to itself. It is a form of communication that the world has not known for a very long time. It has the ability to open a space between the worlds of physical form and energy that blends the energies of sentient life forms in a dynamic experience of amped-up awakefulness. It is an opening and an opportunity for people and kingdoms of consciousness to notice their own unique energy signature and remember their own sense of energy movement.


Lisa held lightbody activation sessions for many years with individuals and groups while living in Ashland, Oregon. She now devotes most of her time to writing, compiling her book series, and giving talks on the Mechanics of the Lightbody. When not busy illuminating spaces for others with her shaman-style lightwork, Lisa enjoys gardening, painting, and hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her husband.

LisaOswald, the Pleiadian Awake Channel
Awake Energy and the Unique Side of Infinity Book

Lisa's N ew Book

Once in a millennium, the celestial rays of Pleiadian Great Light create an opening for humanity to rekindle the memory of the experience of one’s own energy signature as an expression of oneness and uniqueness.

  • This book is a direct transmission of awake energy that creates a dynamic experience for self-awakening on the level of your soul’s deepest understanding of who you truly are. It is an opportunity to discover what is missing from the exploration of human consciousness.

  • Included are eleven energy-moving exercises, such as Igniting the Blue Flame of Life for longevity and the Aura Bubble Cleanse.

Light speaks its own language in these channeled transmissions. They are the essential vibrations of the eternal understanding of what life is on all levels of creation so you can remember your own unique side of infinity.

“We greatly admire your ability to wear a body and be light. You don’t have to be filled in all the time and understand what’s happening, but you do have to be present and awake for the show.”

                       Pleiadian Great Light Channel

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Now and then, we experience something we can’t quite explain. It could be a feeling or a hunch that leads to a pleasant surprise; we hear a quiet voice inside trying to tell us something; we sense a kind presence at our side and see a sparkle out of the corner of our eye. These quirks of fate baffle the mind but resonate on deeper levels of the soul. 

Maybe now is one of those moments when your internal GPS is guiding you toward something new and unfamiliar, creating an opportunity for exploration, discovery, insight, and personal growth. 

Do you have the willingness, trust, and courage to step forward into this opening and begin some challenging soul work? You won’t have to believe anyone or anything. You already came fully equipped with everything you need. All you have to do is remember. 

These channeled transmissions of awake energy are here to nudge you back home. You incarnated here for a reason. You made it this far, so don’t postpone it any longer. 

The time is now, and the place is here to notice who you truly are as a unique energy signature moving in oneness and light.

“When your mind thinks your glass is half empty, it’s time to fill it with light.”

journey of the soul

Peace Energy Journey


Don't miss this opportunity to give peace out into the universe and bring back a little to your body. It's one of Lisa's Favorites.

This transmission starts with calm breathing and heart chakra energy and has a relaxed pace with pauses for you to notice your own unique energy of peace. Everyone can do this journey of peace.  It is so wonderful and uplifting without any philosophy or belief system about ideas of peace. 


This is the direct cognition of your own energy signature locating the mechanics of real peace, true peace.  People love this journey and feel long lasting gentleness in their body.  Enjoy discovery of your own unique beacon of peacefulness. 

Listen Now

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