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lisa oswald awake channel
Awake channeling on Grey Butte, Mt. Shasta

Lisa Oswald,
the Pleiadian C

"There's nothing like her on the planet!"


Lisa Oswald is the definitive source for Pleiadian “awake” channeling. She is a rare, natural-born channel. With her extraordinary celestial perception, she sheds light on this ancient form of communication with sentient life existing throughout the cosmos.

She is a healer, teacher, and shaman who cares deeply for each person to discover their own purpose and move themselves back “home” to their soul’s origination moment.

Amazon 5-star Reviews for Lisa's first book.   

  • Of all the channeling books, definitely read "This One" first!

  • Totally mind-blowing.

  • A blend of profound wisdom and practical exercises.

  • It's not just another spiritual guide; it's an invitation to experience the infinite in the most intimate and personal way. 

  • Refreshing and enlightening, offering a new dimension to personal growth

  • I will be using this book as a guide on my journey.

  • A transformative read for anyone on the path of enlightenment.

Project Lightbody''s second book,
"The Pleiadian Channeling Guide:
How to Experience Your Soul's Origin and Insight with Your Higher Self,"
will be published in March 2024.


Lisa Oswald's Book
the journey home

Go on A Peace Energy Journey Now!

Don't miss this opportunity to give peace out into the universe and bring back a little to your body. It's one of Lisa's Favorites.

This transmission starts with calm breathing and heart chakra energy and has a relaxed pace with pauses for you to notice your own unique energy of peace. Everyone can do this journey of peace.  It is so wonderful and uplifting without any philosophy or belief system about ideas of peace. 

This is the direct cognition of your own energy signature locating the mechanics of real peace, true peace.  People love this journey and feel long lasting gentleness in their body.  Enjoy discovery of your own unique beacon of peacefulness. 

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