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The pleiadian channeling guide to awake energy and the unique side of infinity

Transmissions of Pleiadian Great Light Channel Book 1.


Once in a millennium, the celestial rays of Pleiadian Great Light create an opening for humanity to rekindle the memory of the experience of one’s own energy signature as an expression of oneness and uniqueness that’s carrying awake energy, the basis for all sentient life.

transmission of awake energy


“Awake” channeling is a rare form of communication that can create an opening that amplifies and transmits awakefulness with soul-lit information.

Giving Shakti is just a moment in time, and this is forever a transmission of only pure energy.

Your soul's origin and journey.


The most important reason we are all here is to express that unique side of the infinite.

The infinite part of life is easy to identify. We can easily say what’s infinite. We can have ideas about what’s infinite. We can appreciate infinity in a moment, in a sunset, in poetry, and in all kinds of things. The infinity side of life is easy to find. Infinity is here to be expressed along with the uniqueness that’s carrying the awake energy.

Both are happening, but one has been forgotten.

lightbody's heart chakra


Lightbody means light in your body, so you have a sense of light coming home here, light coming back here. Light coming, light joining with yourself, light noticing who you are, light noticing a reason for noticing who you are. Light noticing light. Light beckoning to itself.



There's nobody like you, and there never will be. You are one of a kind.

The Creator sent out one spark, becoming implodable as a memory of uniqueness. However, that Creator, or whoever invented this project, to begin with, if there is such a thing, is noticing that unique spark isn’t really getting back. It’s not being returned.

It's time to remember.

life purpose


Everyone is here to express some unique kind of wisdom, something special they brought with them into this lifetime for one special purpose.

We’re here tonight to explore a little bit about what that purpose, that one special, unique purpose, might be.

soul crossing over


These are called soul-illuminating times because we are asking for greater guidance, a greater opening than ever before. We’re not trying to culture any particular state of awareness or experiences right now or at any time. We’re not trying to harness the senses or our life experience, so it will always feel good. We’re not trying to express only what we think of as beauty around us.

We’re only trying to experience what we can in this moment of our own true selves and then let everything expand and be just as it is. It’s perfect, just as it is right now.

blue flame of life


Each one of us has a hidden flame within, and this flame is often said to be a guiding light for life. It’s not just for spiritual life but for life in general. We’re asking all humanity to remember this light within. This light is beyond the heart chakra. It connects the mind and the body. It is a very brilliant Blue Light within almost everyone.

The aura bubble cleanse is one of 11 energy exercise in Book 1.


The Aura Bubble Cleanse is one of the 11 energy exercises you'll find in this book. This guided visualization, with the help of your higher self, is for clearing out crisscrossing energies that have accessed your subtle energy field. All humans can have an awareness of this bubble-like fountain.

Entanglements and particles may be trapped, creating a misunderstanding about the original column of light coming up through the center of the body. It is a powerful way to realign energy for a healthy operating system.

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