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Introduction to BOOK 3

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Whenever I channeled, the workspace was filled with waves of awake energy and universal light, sending out an invitation to all sentient life. It was packed with Angelics, Beings, and multidimensional helpers eager to participate in lightbody activation. 

Angels are those Beings that come forward to place themselves in the path of another’s light. Maybe we notice something special about ourselves today or a neighbor. Perhaps we have some unexplained good fortune. Maybe we have some help with something difficult. Maybe we notice a hand on our shoulder. Maybe we see something out of the corner of our eye or a little bit more light around ourselves. Very often, it’s because some Being has brought their corporeal presence into this dimension just enough to reflect and block, in their own loving way, some of that vast light of yours so you can catch it in your own mental awareness. They amplify our light source so we can notice even more light. 

During channeling, Pleiadian Great Light created an opportunity for everyone to deepen their experience and notice their own energy signature of uniqueness. Wherever these light-filled gatherings were held, on stage, at the local library, or at a sacred space like Mt. Shasta, a common ground with honest, good-humored communication was created for challenging, healing soul work. Because I care so deeply about this work and how it can transform people’s lives, I have dedicated my time to transcribing these transmissions into a book series. Having access to Great Light’s guided visualizations and conversations will stretch both the inner and outer views of yourself and be invaluable on your pathless/path of self-discovery.

Every lightworker comes to a point in their life where they have to talk to their higher self, and Guides are here to help. This is your moment; this is what you have been waiting for your whole life. All you have to do is ask.

Instructions on how to communicate with your higher self through insight are just one of the many readily available self-help tools in this book. Connecting with this lightbody structure is a gateway to heightened self-awareness, allowing you to delve into the various levels of expression and expansion of your true self. Remember, insight is always within your reach, waiting to be noticed. You don’t have to wait for it; it's a flash of knowingness you can tap into at any moment. 

The story of “you” is the self-illuminating journey of uniqueness. You can enjoy the reason you started it, the knowledge of its end, and then everything in between is just the folding and unfolding of the beautiful story of you-ness. What is happening here is exploring, noticing, wishing, hoping, loving, and light moving itself home. It’s now time to ignite your inner healer, move your chakras and energy, feel refreshed and renewed with lightbody work, and enliven the wisdom of who and where you are! 

Love, joy, and health to all on their journey home.


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