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through lightbody activation is the unfolding of life itself.

It is what the Creator of this universe gifted and intended

for every sentient being. 

Life is not about finding the ultimate truth. 

It is discovering what is "real" about the depths of you.

 There is only one of you in this seemingly endless universe. 

Your energy signature is the fingerprint of your soul. 

No two are alike. 

Your uniqueness is the core of your being waiting to be noticed

and embraced with one last loving look,

so you can say who it is that you came here to be known as.

Your journey is one of self discovery and healing.

 It is challenging work that unifies all the parts of you

that you have pushed away or have forgotten.

Remembering will give you the opportunity

to awaken willingness, trust and courage into your life

so you can begin to notice that you have new conscious choices.

Awake, conscious choices manifest a greater sense of responsibility, direction, purpose, and appreciation for yourself and creation. 


YOU are the reason why you're here! 

You came here to do the work to heal your soul.

It's why you made the trip.


Through your own personal healing soul work

your soul light becomes focused as it  shines

 as a diamond in your heart center  radiating Home, 

uplifting this realm as well as your soul's origination point.

Life and Light

come full circle... fully illuminated.

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