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"The Pleiadian Awake Channeling Guide to
Healing Lightwork, Angels, Beings, and
Insight with Your Higher Self"

“Every lightworker comes to this profound moment.

It’s what you have been waiting for your whole life.”

It’s now time to call upon your higher self to illuminate the parts of yourself that you’re unsure about. All your Angels and Guides are here to help you. All you have to do is ask.

Knowing about the higher self and how it relates to the lightbody structure is essential so you can be alert to your unique energy system. The higher self is a fine point of communication that establishes a very strong connection between the levels of expression and expansion of yourself, which is more than what you think you are.

This book contains all the instructions you need to gain insight with your higher self, along with stories of healing, the Angelic realm, sentient Beings, lightworker professions, and kingdoms of consciousness.

Angels and Sentient Beings

  • How can you notice the Beings around you?

  • Should you ask an Angel their name?

  • Could you be an Angel incarnate?



  • What is sickness and pain?

  • How can you activate your master inner healer?

  • Can healers take on other people’s energy?

  • Can everyone see auras?


Lightworker Professions

  • Are you a lightworker?

  • What is the most crucial thing to consider when you are deciding where to live to do your work?

  • Tips for Pet Communication, Automatic Writing, Sound Healing, Pendulum Work, and Color Therapy.

  • Instructions on how to create Bubbles of Bliss.

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Modern Physics and the Lightbody

  • The Pleiadians discuss Einstein’s theories with physicists "on the other side."

  • How is uniqueness related to gaseous planes?

  • Is time travel possible?

  • How many dimensions are there?


Other Species and Kingdoms

  • What do pets think of themselves and their families?

  • Why do whales beach?

  • Why are dolphins important to the oceans?

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