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Awake Energy Is On The Move

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

So, what we might be looking for is some shift more deeply into not only who we think we are and that's very important but also the areas of ourselves that we are less known and a little bit less familiar with. So, in this opening, it's fine to wonder and to know the unexpected and the unexplored. That's one reason that we're all here, just to share in that journey of unknowingness a little bit and then as that opens up, our minds and spirits and every aspect of ourselves, especially our senses that are used to going out and bringing back all that beautiful information that we use to describe who we are, can shift, ever so slightly.

By shifting, we mean just a slight reorientation of who we think we are into who we don't know we are yet, at this moment. There's a vast awakening in that experience and that's why we're using the word, awake, to describe an experience that we are not quite familiar with yet because we haven't had it in such a way that we could name what it feels like. Awake energy is that part of ourselves that resonates most strongly with who we are. We're finding that for a minute in each of us right now, in a certain plane of energy that's here, opening up. Who we are resonates with each of us in a slightly different opening but always in one way, in one thing that we have in common with each other and ourselves and that is that awake energy moving. We can find, just for a minute, some moment that's apparent to ourselves that we found energy moving very clearly about ourselves, somewhere within our physical or mental and a little bit too, the emotional body.

Somewhere within us, we find some moving energy and this might come from the heart center or it might be found more easily with a lot of mental activity going outwards and we might recognize it just as some discomfort or aches and pains even, somewhere within our body. It could be something that's simply drawing our attention. So, wherever we find our attention right now going, we find some motion and some beautiful wave-like motion and that motion is riding a little bit on that part of ourselves that we are finding as awake. That awake energy that we might not consciously be aware of and yet that part of us that's moving, that energy is riding on something and we know that it's riding somewhere also. Who can find that direction and say which direction does that energy move in for each of us here? Anyone can find that movement of energy going, would you say going out, some moving energy going out from ourselves, somewhere, some wonderful feeling of that energy of ourselves going out and also bringing back something more with it.

This is a little bit of the basics of that energy and how our own energy is moving. So, it's starting from within ourselves and we find something moving and then it seems to go out and as it branches out, we find ourselves in different parts of the world that we see. We find ourselves associating with people in a certain way on this wave of energy of ourselves and we recognize it, as well. We recognize this beautiful part of ourselves outside of ourselves, as well as where it came from and where it started.

There's a process here that we're identifying a little bit of that movement of our own energy going out identifying someone or something in some way and then coming back again to rest at home. We're very much aware of that and very much able to follow that going out and coming back. We're just noticing a little bit more strongly that connection now and always from now on. That experience of our own selves, gathering information, is unique to each of us because no one sees the world quite the same way. We know that this energy that we're bringing back has information that's completely unique to who we each are, and is completely open and interested in finding more of itself. So, this is a bit automatic and we hardly need to think about that too deeply.

Not to sound too abstract sometimes about this energy so let's bring it back to something in yourself that you find moving, just a little bit, some part of yourself, or some energy in the feet or the hands. Sometimes the head is easy to find and then just to relax in the knowledge and information that's there, is enough because your own self is moving yourself. There's a lot of good information in that movement and taking a moment to appreciate some moving energy is a greater appreciation of that soul light of that "who you are" that wants to be appreciated and wants to manifest and communicate who you are completely but how to do that? It's not going to happen in the ordinary way. We don't find more information about ourselves by looking at the shirt someone is wearing. We find information about ourselves by that thing which is most unique and hard to find about ourselves. It's the part of ourselves that we are the least familiar with but is the most eager to be known and lived. How to find that?

We can look in the direction of where we find ourselves moving, going out and bringing back some information through the senses, through our own experience of that energy moving, and then something more that's there also. So, it's that something more that we miss sometimes. It's that something more that's been a bit forgotten over time. It's that something more that we can't really point to other than to say, welcome that part yourself, as you find it moving and you find it moving everywhere in your life. Everywhere is awake energy, every part of your emotions and physical and some mental. Every part of the expression of who you are is a result of that movement of your own self going out and bringing back more of itself as awake and that's how it recognizes who it is, in some ways. So that's good and that process is automatic. The other part of that is the information that's being eagerly presented by each person's soul here and yet not always noticed. It's that noticing of what's being presented that enriches that experience and that idea of who we are and expands it into something more than what we thought about ourselves. That's the interesting part that we are asking everyone to get to know a little bit more. Can't quite put your finger on it yet but something is moving.

You can reassure the mind in a way, that when it's most puzzled, there's a great opening. You don't always have to have a word for what you're searching for and you don't always have to have an exact definition for an experience that you might be having or even a completely full relationship with who you are, right now. Those are all the ways that the mind tends to want to identify itself rather than the actual experience of unique energy moving. So, don't work too hard at all this. Just let it go, in a way, and it finds its own opening when it's ready. So, good. We thank you all and continue all your work and glad you're here.

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