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Colors Are Vibrating Light

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Different colors represent the different stratus of energy that manifest themselves through primarily human awareness, through the understanding of the play, and the importance of color. So, color is very valuable. We like to look at a certain color. We enjoy color, we like color and color moves us in different ways to experience different feelings and different aspects of even our unique work and who we are.

We appreciate color because it matches the vibrational work that we are made up of too. So, naturally, that is noticed by Angelic Beings, and the proper and most appropriate color is returned based on the need of that time, for whatever needs to be noticed. It could be multi-colors, or it could be one color; soul light is made up of an infinite spectrum of itself. Mostly it's noticed as white with some gold. But because it's all-inclusive of all spectrums and all vibrational qualities, it's mostly missed. We don't look for white very often but if we did, we would notice that it has some sparkle tones to it. Sometimes people notice a sparkle before they notice or along with, the white flash of light. So that's very possible. It's very very possible and very likely that we can all notice much more of the light around ourselves than we ever imagined, then we thought possible.

So, how do we notice light that seems indescribable to our senses? We notice it because we want to. We notice it because we want to in the sense that we want to notice all that there is to see about who we are. So that would naturally probably include soul light and so that's part of the noticing process a bit. You can notice the light within yourself. You can notice it as a flame of light within yourself. You can feel the warmth of that light within yourself; that central core of light is very strong and very easy to notice. It moves outward and carries a lot of information forward so that you can notice more qualities of light. You can notice these finer qualities of light so that you can appreciate the world that you live in as not only solid, of course, solid expression but also as vibrating light qualities to.

So this is physics. This is physical noticing. This is chemistry. This is electronics. These are the finer vibrations of forms of all kinds that are made up of light patterns moving at different frequencies, so noticing them is a good thing. You can notice that things seem a little bit shimmery and that things seem a little bit more open and unformed, which is fine. The edges seem to soften a little bit when we notice light and that's so that our minds can relax a little bit as they observe and bring back all the information that we need to know about ourselves. It is not just present by noticing the edges of things but by deeply perceiving into an object so that we can appreciate more of it. So, it's not too mystical. We're just appreciating deeper qualities; it's not too mystical.

Question: I have an obsession with deep green colors. Is there a connection there with this color?

Pleiadian Great Light: So, liking green is a full and rich expression of higher self wanting to be noticed for those qualities of this. Green has a soft quality to it. Green is an opening into your own higher self. So we're using that as an expression of a chakra right now that's open for you, that's drawing on green and green qualities and green vibrations of itself. So, green is good for you. You can wear lots of green as you continue to notice green that captures your attention. Those qualities that ride along in that green spectrum can bring a lot of open-ness to you. So you can modify your looking at green a little bit because it's not just looking at the color green but actually wanting to notice the more that's there with that green. So, we don't want to exclude anything here in the sense that we become overwhelmed or overdrawn to a certain color; it wouldn't be so healthy if we turned green.

Question: What chakra is associated with the green?

Great Light: So, it's a lot of energy that's in the chest and in the heart. In that full appreciation of colors of the system, it's not completely correct to assign one color for all time, to one's center. They can flip-flop back and forth. They can recycle each other; one that's very strong can substitute for another. So, it's not especially always the most helpful thing to continue to imagine a particular color that's always dominant in certain areas of your own awareness or as you visualize them throughout the physical nervous system because they can rapidly change course and that's good. That's fine.

So, colors in the body are actually being pulled forward by your own conscious awareness of the vibrational tonal qualities from your soul and from the expression of higher self and soul light working together. That pulls on them into the different centers of energy for a purpose, for that moment, in that opening. It's not as systematic as currently visualized. It is a healthy chakra system that's processing and funneling light all the time.

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