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Emotions Are Wave-Like And Floaty

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

An individual asks Great Light where emotions come from and also if they are a result of conditioning. The following is the beautiful message from Great Light.

So, a little bit of conditioning but not so much because every moment is new; every moment presents itself new. Whether or not we appreciate that, is perhaps some conditioning there. Whether or not we know that this is a fresh look, a fresh glimpse at ourselves, is a tiny conditioning. But what is conditioned response then? Just some habits, some old past habits of the way we are used to coloring our world. The kinds of reactions that we get with the colors that we use to "paint" our days are called the emotional palette and so choose your colors. Choose your emotional palette of colors rather than feeling that it's automatically a response since that's not really the case. It's just that emotions are wave-like and happen to move very quickly over the surface of our own conscious awareness and we miss the points to them that open up to be noticed. When that happens, we suddenly feel that we couldn't help feeling the way we did at that moment.

So, emotions are meant to be enjoyed in their ability to flex our emotional muscle, in the sense that we want to notice that full floating ability that we truly can notice with emotional plane work. Emotional plane work means that we are used to finding emotional responses in our body; we get tight, we get sick to our stomachs or nervous or something goes wrong in our bodies long after the emotion came and went. So emotions truly go very fast because they are wave-like. Can you find an emotion somewhere in yourself? It's not too likely. They are not found as cellular structures or in muscle groups. We don't have a happy muscle, for example, because the joy of the emotional existence is floaty, it's floaty. We can feel that floating quality of the emotional response within ourselves. We often try to isolate it in our bodies due to its floatiness and because we're not used to noticing something that floats like that. Since emotions float like that, we tend to ignore that aspect and let that feeling become part of our solid firm body just for the point of comfort, just to feel that we knew something about ourselves, so we bring it home. We bring it home before we noticed what actually was happening. What actually was happening was just that delightful moving quality of feelings across that floating plane of ourselves.

To notice that quality is to notice more about yourself than you have ever before. It offers a new glimpse of yourself as a floating personality and when something's floating, it's light; it's not too heavy. It is light. So, where does that light come from? It comes from that light that we recognize in ourselves, which is part of this process of allowing our flexibility to grow in our appreciation of what's really here at work. And what's really here at work, are these vast energy systems of information and they are more than we realize.

So, emotional plane work is wonderful work in that it gently draws the attention to that self, that selfless/self that is truly the light that lightens our emotional work so that our emotional work doesn't have to last as a burden to ourselves or to anyone else, either. Emotional work is meant to come and go fast. It's meant to come and go fast and it's only as we notice that space in that seeming plane of emotional floating life that we have given to ourselves, that we interpret it as a response to anything else. So, no conditioned response really, no conditioned response at all. No habits also, except if we are too tired to notice right now, then we fall back on a previous way we noticed a feeling, say, from childhood. So, that's where the trouble starts, some trouble, some confusion then about what's now and what was. Some confusion then, some gap in appreciating the pure floating quality of ourselves now and that light quality to our emotions. That happy quality to ourselves that we bring to ourselves, depending on our own unique energy work that we brought here to know ourselves by and with. We send these wonderful tools of knowingness about ourselves and the best part of ourselves come forward, at first very magnificently, the best parts of ourselves come forward actually very easily and very readily and we turn from them. We turn from them in a way so that we can know all sides of ourselves first and then we can go back and take a second look at what was there, originally.

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