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Captain Of My Ship

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

And so, we have this phenomena of being like a ship in the water here, of you, of you-ness; a ship in the water of you-ness. Where are you going? You better find out where you came from. Where's that? That's the question. Where is it? Where is it? Then we start looking out there outside of ourselves but it's in here and we get confused. How will I know? What's this all about? Where do I find myself? Where?

Your soul has a clue. It's holding up its hand here, its right hand, and saying, "Here, here, home." The soul says, "Here I am, home." And then willingness comes along; which is something like the wind stirring in the sailboat, kind of an energy to move yourself that's here and you have a willingness, to say, "Mmm, I'll get on this boat now, it's going home."

So, OK. You have to get on the boat though, otherwise, the boat just goes willy-nilly where it wants to. You have to be the commander of the boat to notice where you came from and where you are going to.

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