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How to Experience Your Soul's Origin with the Ripple Point

Your soul’s origin is where it all began.

It’s where energy first showed up as the Big Bang of you. It’s when you chose a unique frequency to manifest in your form for all time. This Origination Moment of imploding energy contains the complete and total awareness of yourself along with infinity, not only in this lifetime but in all existences throughout creation.

The Pleiadians’ gift to humanity and all sentient Beings is the knowledge of this moment and how to experience it with the Ripple Point. This point is a beautiful light receptor site, a single vortex of energy in front of you where you can download soul information. It is instrumental in self-awakening because it’s the command post for your soul and how energy is distributed in the chakras’ vibrational system, thoughts, and feelings. It is also connected with soul purpose.

These do-it-yourself instructions for the Ripple Point come with eleven variations and many practical applications, so you can easily recall the important parts of your energy and integrate that wisdom into your personality, physical body, emotions, and joyous expression of uniqueness. You can end repetitive stories of the mind, relax the emotions, and experience what love is on the level of light and energy.

Soul light is the original light we are born with and carry with us throughout time and space.

The soul is at the top of your energy network, which includes the lightbody, your cord of purpose, higher self, and your soul group if you have brought one with you. These channeled transmissions take you on a journey through this Earthly passage as you move through the stages of life and cross over to the next.

  • What happens with your first breath?

  • How does childhood impact our self-image?

  • What is the nature of the mind, our personality, and the purpose of emotions?

  • What do family members expect from us?

  • Why is common ground necessary for all relationships?

  • What should you do if you sense you have a large soul group?

  • Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage, and can I find my soul mate?

  • How do we cope with aging?

  • What do we say to those in hospice care as they near death?

  • How do we deal with the loss of a loved one?

  • Do we have any choices when we cross over onto the Ladders of Life?

  • Is there any value in knowing our past lives?

  • Can we really step off the pages of the Akashic records and end the cycle of reincarnation?

  • What would your last lifetime be like?

Everyone is here to express some unique kind of wisdom, something they brought with them into this incarnation for one special purpose. Without that sense of direction, how do we answer the question, “Who is this wonderful Being of energy and light?”

Coming Home

For a very long time, the experience of oneness has captured the hearts and minds of many spiritual teachings as the culmination of one’s journey on the path to enlightenment. In this book, Pleiadian Great Light points out that this is only half the story in terms of energy movement.

Many of us have experienced the great vastness of expansiveness. That beautiful light going out is quite wonderful as it pulls out the sensation of awakefulness. One is absorbed in that oneness; however, there is no sense of individuality. It’s only in the return trip of that awakefulness passing through a tiny gap and remaining awake that we come back home. This final stage of awakening occurs in the return trip as the soul recognizes its purpose on the level of individual uniqueness as well as the ability to expand and fathom that ever-expanding self.

When you drop your own sense of energy, lovingly into the Ripple Point, you’re opening an opportunity for yourself to be awake.

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