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Pleiadian Channel_ Lisa Oswald

LISA OSWALD is the awake channel for the workspace of Pleiadian Great Light Channel and founder of Project Lightbody. She did not learn how to channel. She was born with a glass chakra nervous system with celestial perception, enabling her to experience the full spectrum of light through her lightbody. The lightbody has the knowledge of everything that is needed and unknown by the mind and the ordinary five senses.

During channeling, she blends her awake energies with the Pleiadians and the ancient, sentient Entity, This One, and transmits awake energy embedded with soul-lit information.​It’s over lifetimes of working with Pleiadian energy that she came here to not only be aware of this awake, universal energy but to be able to reflect and transmit it. This rare kind of channeling space is awake to itself. It is a form of communication that the world has not known for a very long time. It has the ability to open a space between the worlds of physical form and energy that blends the energies of sentient life forms in a dynamic experience of amped-up awakefulness. It is an opening and an opportunity for people and kingdoms of consciousness to notice their own unique energy signature and remember their own sense of energy movement.

Lisa held lightbody activation sessions for many years with individuals and groups while living in Ashland, Oregon. She now devotes most of her time to writing, compiling her book series, and giving talks on the Mechanics of the Lightbody. When not busy illuminating spaces for others with her shaman-style lightwork, Lisa enjoys gardening, painting, and hiking in the Pacific Northwest with her husband.

Pleiadian Great Light Channel

Pleiadian Great Light Channel is the name given for the channeling workspace of blended energies, sentient Entities, Angelics, and Beings that are moving in light. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rekindle the forgotten memory of one’s own origination point and unique energy signature.


​During awake channeling, Lisa Oswald creates in her own awareness an opening to receive, express, and amp up Pleiadian awake energy. It resonates on the greatest and highest level of souls and Beings in the universe and this cosmic creation. No beliefs are at work here. It’s just the experience of yourself, amplified through a unique opening that just happens to be awake to itself in such a way that it’s very easy to find awakefulness everywhere. It’s an opportunity to fully appreciate and integrate your own unique energy signature and purpose.​Lisa blends her own physical body, cognitive faculties, and emotions with the ancient, sentient Entity known as This One.


This One has been here many times before, but this visit was brief because of the delicate nature of interfacing in this third dimension with a hardbody like Lisa’s. This One came here to transcribe the Mechanics of the Lightbody.  In terms of Pleiadian space, channeling This One has always been done this way.

The big Pleiadian star shape, the Pleiadian Polestar, is what created this Entity to begin with. It’s more concerned with spatial relationships than form relationships. Like all Pleiadian space, it’s awake to consciousness anywhere. It can travel at any moment and have that velocity or speed of lightbody space with or without a singularity or any molecular changes. This means that this particular hardbody of Lisa’s was just a pure choice and pure form for This One to have fun with while she was here in a symbiotic relationship.


There was once a time when Beings came to share the universality of blending. Sadly, that seems to have been lost or now goes unnoticed. Humanity questions the value of blending because they do not see any more of the Entities that came to play and be alive here.  Pleiadian channeling has been around for a long time and probably always will be. The name changes according to the shape of that manifested form. Channeling soul-lit information is a precious and worthy gift to give others so they can appreciate the full spectrum of emotional colors that bring forward great compassion for all life.


Awake channeling creates an opening for humanity to rekindle the memory of the unique side of the infinite, the experience of one’s own energy signature as an expression of oneness and uniqueness.

Pleiadian Channel on Mt Shasta PantherMeadows_

Lisa at Panther Meadows on Mt. Shasta, California. Featured in Book 3.

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