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earth pleiadian rays

Once in a millennium, the celestial rays of Pleiadian Great Light create an opening for humanity to rekindle the memory of the experience of one’s own energy signature as an expression of oneness and uniqueness that’s carrying awake energy, the basis for all sentient life.

transmission of awake energy

“Awake” channeling is a rare form of communication that the world has not known for a very long time. It has the ability to create an opening that amps up and transmits awakefulness with soul-lit information so you can notice who you truly are and remember and understand what life is on all levels of creation.

soul journey

As you read this book, you don’t have to believe anything. Just ask your mind to relax and step back, so your soul can have the confidence to come forward and join you on this journey of appreciation and give you that final piece of information in your awakening process.

“The Pleiadian Channeling Guide to 

Awake Energy and the Unique Side of Infinity"

Awake Energy and The Unique Side of Infinity
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These channeled, light-filled messages have been enjoyed by many during lightbody activation and are now available for your personal growth and self-illumination. 

  • Explore the mechanics of “awake” channeling, blending with other Beings, and communicating with Angelic realms and the animal, plant, rock, and elemental kingdoms.

  • Discover how Lisa transmits universal, ”awake” energy, the basis for all sentient life so that individuals can notice their unique energy signatures.

  • Find out what is missing from the discussion of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

  • Notice and realign energy planes and vortexes moving in and around you with eleven exercises and guided visualizations.

  • Work with your higher self to ignite the Blue Flame of Life for longevity. 

  • Get rid of crisscrossing energies with the Aura Bubble Cleanse.

  • Release worries, doubts, and repetitive thoughts from the mind.

  • Visualize the Cord of Purpose and your soul’s messenger (hint: there’s a tiny Deva inside each of us).

  • Feel the essential vibrations of the eternal understanding of what life is on all levels of creation, and remember who you truly are! 

"Lisa Oswald's book dances with a lightness that belies its profound message. With the effortless grace of a celestial storyteller, Oswald channels the wisdom of the Pleiadians, their voices as familiar as if whispered by an old friend under the vast, starlit sky. This book, with its deceptively simple prose, is like a key to a door we've walked past a hundred times, never noticing the lock. Through exercises that feel more like play than practice, and insights that arrive like sudden clearings in the forest of our minds, Oswald invites us to remember what it means to be truly awake." 5 Star Amazon Review

aura bubble cleanse

The Aura Bubble Cleanse

is one of the 11 energy exercises you'll find in Book 1. This guided visualization, with the help of your higher self, is for clearing out crisscrossing energies that have accessed your subtle energy field. All humans can have an awareness of this bubble-like fountain.

Entanglements and particles may be trapped, creating a misunderstanding about the original column of light coming up through the center of the body. It is a powerful way to realign energy for a healthy operating system.

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