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"Awake Energy and the Unique Side of Infinity"

“If you’re sure you already know who you are, then it doesn’t leave a lot of room for finding out something new.”

This book is a profound exploration into the depths of consciousness and what it means to be sentient and alive and wearing this wonderful body of light.

  • Through these channeled transmissions, the Pleiadians offer you the opportunity to rekindle the memory of your unique energy imploding on itself to create infinite awareness of itself.

  • These once-in-a-lifetime lightbody activation experiences are meant to leave you wondering, “What was that.” It will be left up to you to fill in the gaps and say what it means to be YOU!

Whether you're deeply entrenched in spiritual practices or just beginning to ask the question, “Who am I,” these messages will nudge you in a new direction. You will find your inquisitive mind stepping aside so an aspect of your soul can step forward and begin to look deeper. There, you will notice your own light moving with purpose.

Awake Channeling

This book is the definitive source for Pleiadian “awake” channeling. Most of this information has never been spoken about until now. It is the experience of a “one-of-a-kind” channel, Lisa Oswald. With her extraordinary celestial perception, she sheds light on this ancient form of communication with sentient life existing throughout the cosmos. She is a healer, teacher, and natural-born shaman who cares deeply for each person's discovery of their own purpose and move back “home” to their soul’s Origination Moment.

11 Energy Exercises


Now is exactly the right moment to deepen your experience with practical, transformational self-help tools. They will add a new dimension to your personal growth and spiritual journey.

  • Work with your higher self to ignite the Blue Flame of Life for longevity.

  • Get rid of crisscrossing energies with Aura Bubble Cleanse.

  • Visualize the Cord of Purpose and your soul’s messenger.

  • Notice and realign chakras, energy planes, and vortexes moving in and around you.

  • Remember who you are.

This is an invitation to experience the infinite in the most intimate and soul-lit way.

Project Lightbody's first book on Pleiadian Awake Channeling.
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"Lisa Oswald's book dances with a lightness that belies its profound message. With the effortless grace of a celestial storyteller, Oswald channels the wisdom of the Pleiadians, their voices as familiar as if whispered by an old friend under the vast, starlit sky. This book, with its deceptively simple prose, is like a key to a door we've walked past a hundred times, never noticing the lock. Through exercises that feel more like play than practice, and insights that arrive like sudden clearings in the forest of our minds, Oswald invites us to remember what it means to be truly awake."

5 Star Amazon Review

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