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the transmissions of
pleiadian great light channel

mt shasta california
mt shasta california


Light energy builds up on the planet in many different and unusual places for no apparent reason and for reasons that are beyond us sometimes to understand. This particular place, however, has a specific purpose but has forgotten that it has the ability to rekindle its own memory of light.

So, we’re just asking the Angels to loosen up the web around this mountainous area a little bit so it can be dropped down more into the Earth plane. This can help people feel more grounded when they come here. They can feel more at home within themselves and not so spaced out.

pet communication


Pets are quite aware that they are problematic for people because they are misunderstood to such a large extent. Pets in a family can communicate with each other but may not feel like listening to each other. They will let you know what’s bothering them very easily. They have very clear ideas about who they are. They have some awareness that they are unique and that they are here on a mission.



Angels are those Beings that come forward to place themselves in the path of another’s light. Maybe we notice something special about ourselves today or a neighbor. Maybe we have some unexplained good fortune. Maybe we have some help with something difficult blocking us. Maybe we notice a hand on our shoulder. Maybe we see a little bit more light around ourselves.

Very often, it’s because some Being has brought their own corporeal presence into this dimension just enough to reflect and block in a way, in their own loving way, some of that vast light of yours so that you can catch it in your own mental awareness. They amplify our own light source so we can notice even more light.



The dolphins hold many secrets to healing energy which they were given as Guardians quite a long time ago. They have very advanced psychic abilities to perceive the areas where people are holding concepts about healing and their own healing.



When we say sentient Beings, we are especially referring to Beings that have developed an awareness of their own uniqueness over a long period of time. They may have strange forms to our eyes, and they may be reverberating in different planes at different rates of speed of light, so we may not notice them. However, we honor their presence and their purpose, which is the same as ours.

All sentient Beings are on the same wavelength in terms of this journey of finding the opening that best suits the moment. So, if you are having a party, send out invitations addressed to sentient Beings only.



Many realms have a sentiency about them and have purpose known to them. We consider them Angelic, Elemental, or Devics taking care of the plants and subtle energy life forms.

We miss those realms because of the vibration these other realms are working in, however it is possible to establish communication with them.



Everyone here has invited Angels into their world at different times. Sometimes, we cry for them, and sometimes, we’re happy for them, and sometimes, we are sad because we don’t think they are around us. In some wonderful part of ourselves, we entertain the Angels’ energy for upliftment.

Angel energy is worthwhile to explore; it connects you with a greater experience of who you are. When you bring Angels into your awareness, always ask for something to effect change. Do not ask to change something outside of yourself because all changes come from within your own energy system.



It’s a miracle to be alive, to have a voice, to be light, to be loving, to be joy, to be able to work, to be able to move, to be able to have purpose, to see, to be able to see, and to help.

To be able to notice we’re here for a reason is the greatest miracle of all time because miracles move us to notice timeless states of awareness where anything is possible and very much open.

higher self

How to Gain Insight with Your Higher Self

Instructions on how to communicate with your higher self through insight are just one of the many readily available self-help tools in this book. The higher self is “higher” because it is floating above your physical body. It is the deepest sense of self and moves information around and about you. Connecting with this lightbody structure is a gateway to heightened self-awareness, allowing you to delve into the various levels of expression and expansion of your true self.

Remember, insight is always within your reach, waiting to be noticed. You don’t have to wait for it; it's a flash of knowingness you can tap into at any moment.

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