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Introduction to BOOK 2

Listen to the introduction here:

Do you have a sense of who you are but often find yourself pondering the big questions, "Who am I, what is my purpose, and where did I come from?" Are you looking for someone or something that might make you feel more content or happy? Do you wonder if there's a part of you that could intuitively know the answers to all these questions? Do you wish there was some way to tap into all of your soul's wisdom, feel more alive, and be able to explore your energetic and light-filled journey home? 

Maybe you’ve been there and done that! You’ve attended self-help workshops, adopted other people’s well-meaning beliefs, and sat with teachers who inspired you. They all seemed helpful, but as time passed, something was still missing. When we find ourselves on a path or quest and wonder where to turn next, wouldn’t it be nice to know where it all began? Now, you don't have to wait any longer. 

The purpose of this book is to give instructions on how to experience your soul’s origin so you can easily recall the important parts of your energy and integrate that wisdom into your personality, physical body, emotions, and joyous expression of uniqueness. Every chapter contains invaluable energy information to start using immediately! 

Your soul’s Origination Moment is the "Big Bang” of you when energy first showed up as you. It is the selected frequency you chose to manifest in your form and carry with you throughout time and space. The mind cannot remember or access this place. Only memory remembers; only very fine, ancient memory is here for most people on Earth. There are many receptor sites of information that you are unaware of. They are all around you as points of your own creation of who you are and who you want to be known as. The Ripple Point is one of these vortexes. The Pleiadians said if there were ever going to be just “one” technique they would give to humanity, the directions on how to experience the Ripple Point would be it. This do-it-yourself technique for self-awakening, with its eleven variations, is essential for all sentient Beings to be aware of. 

It's important to know that as an awake channel, I work in a space filled with light and energy that does not “separate out the light” into a formal teaching or system of beliefs. I am not in a trance nor give out any information from the mind. I amp up uplifting light and universal energy for everyone and take my directions from above, in the space above my head that is vast and filled with Great Light. I have always channeled this way as part of the ancient lineage of awake channelers who love and care for this beautiful Earth plane. 

The energy-based information in these transmissions is holographic as an expression of light connected within its own awake movement. You are your own wisest teacher and already have everything you need to know. Pleiadian awake energy is just here to give you a nudge in the direction of yourself, and the rest is up to you to unwrap as the gift of yourself, to yourself, and for yourself; to know your purpose and say who you are. 

Passing on this ancient wisdom to others comes with a great responsibility to share it with the same light and energy as it was given. We hope you will do the same. Please refer to the Ripple Point as channeled by Pleiadian Great Light and encourage others to read these instructions in this book so they can practice and have their own first-hand experiences. Talking about experiences is okay; however, qualifying, labeling, or judging them is not necessary. There isn’t a hierarchy here; it’s just the expressions of uniqueness that are perfect for who you are.

When asked about the effects of doing the Ripple Point with others, Great Light said, “Big groups of knowingness of expansion are how things might be if society could “ripple” a large group of themselves. It is different than just a unique ripple. If those joined in blending, meshing, and sharing qualities of light that ripple up with the full knowledge of each other, it would create an even bigger view of what it can be like as people on this planet together. There would be more peacefulness, sharing abilities, and a greater sense of purpose. Big Beings of planetary size are all waiting, noticing, and waiting.”

Soul light is the original light we are born with and carry throughout time and space. This book takes us on a journey through this Earthly incarnation as we pass through the stages of life. It includes birth, childhood, the basis for relationships and marriage, aging, what happens at death, crossing over onto the Ladders of Life, what determines your next life, reincarnation, the Akashic Records, and an example of what one’s last lifetime might be like. 

The soul is purposefully implanted at the top of your energy network, manifesting itself through an amazing structure of form along with your higher self and soul group if you have brought one with you. The higher self becomes a receptacle for a lot of information. Many people hear the voice of their higher self and refer to it as somebody else or something very much outside of themselves. Now, you can gain insider information and recognize it as part of your energy system with several profound and easy Insight Exercises. As you discover the many applications of the Ripple Point and the energy-moving visualizations and exercises, you'll grow in a new, loving acceptance of yourself.
Now, you can feel the movement of your unique energy signature and the ancient memory of who you are. Now is the moment. Now is very much awake to who you are!

With love and light to all Beings everywhere, I thank you.

So, Let’s Ripple some love now!


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