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the pleiadian awake channeling guide: how to experience your soul's origin with the ripple point

Transmissions of Pleiadian Great Light Channel
soul's origin


It seems like we’re on a journey, and we aren’t quite sure where it’s going and what it means to be here, but we are here.

Maybe it would be very helpful to know the starting place, where it all began when energy first showed up as you, where energy first bloomed and first showed itself.

soul crossing


The soul is not hovering somewhere in heaven or on another plane of existence. Your soul is attached very strongly to you. It’s just a lack of communication and appreciation of what’s here now in this dimension that can sometimes make us feel separate from who we are.

Who we are is completely awake. Everyone here is awake, awake to the message of their own soul’s light.

pleiades pole star


Your soul’s origin simply means the place that is the farthest from where you are now, that’s measured by the length of time it takes for you to recognize your own unique energy signature.

This Origination Moment of imploding energy contains the complete and total awareness of yourself along with infinity, not only in this lifetime but in all existences throughout creation.

reincarnation and karma


When we go back in time, look at the Akashic records, or wish to view some past life, we need to remember that this moment contains all of that. We don’t need to think back too far.

Remember, what we’re doing tonight is stepping off and on the pages of the Akashic book or whatever book you might be on, maybe some interplanetary species book that has extra looks of all kinds. So, karma be gone!

vortexes and chakras


So, a lot is happening in the big picture in this field around the bodies and the Beings. There are a lot of receptor sites of information that you are still unsure of. They are all around you as points of your own creation of who you are and who you want to be known as. They are actual points of reception of your own light-gathering, sensory awareness equipment, which is stepping outside of the five senses. They are still unknown for their original purpose on this planet.

crossing over


Passing over, or crossing over, is the climb up or down or both ways on that Ladder of Light that connects us with our original intention to manifest who we are that’s always present. That’s always present no matter where the journey is seemingly taking place, no matter what opening we find ourselves falling into, no matter how big or small the form, the light, the transparency, or the very solid bodies such as we’re carrying tonight in here. That’s all part of the vast understanding of the Ladder of Light that extends as a column through all sentient Beings’ awareness.

ripple point


If there were ever going to be just one technique we were ever going to give it would be the Ripple Point

You can have a feeling of your energy being pulled into this singular spot, a Soul Imploding Point, the tiniest point ever imaginable out in front of you.

It’s the most purposeful, energetically speaking expression of soul light. It’s in direct connection with soul and soul purpose.

pleiadian great light


Everyone is here to express some unique kind of wisdom, something they brought with them into this incarnation for one special purpose. Without that “sense of direction,” how do we answer the question,

“Who is this wonderful Being of energy and light?”

book 2 project lightbody


For a very long time, the experience of oneness has captured the hearts and minds of many spiritual teachings as the culmination of one’s journey on the path to enlightenment. In this book, Pleiadian Great Light points out that this is only half the story in terms of energy movement.

Many of us have experienced the great vastness of expansiveness. That beautiful light going out is quite wonderful as it pulls out the sensation of awakefulness. One is absorbed in that oneness; however, there is no sense of individuality. It’s only in the return trip of that awakefulness passing through a tiny gap and remaining awake that we come back home. This final stage of awakening occurs in the return trip as the soul recognizes its purpose on the level of individual uniqueness as well as the ability to expand and fathom that ever-expanding self.

When you drop your own sense of energy, lovingly into the Ripple Point, you’re opening an opportunity for yourself to be awake.

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