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Channeling Awake Energy and the Unique Side of Infinity

Excerpt from Book 1; Chapter Three

A Reservation For You

We have a reservation in your name. It's been reserved for only the finest. It's time to invite yourself to that table. That very fine table is set for you. You brought yourself here to sit at a very fine table. It's not a shoddy table. It is the best table in the universe. You set the table, and you laid it out just how you wanted it to be when you came here. You organized it. You colored it. You put out the placemats and the settings. You chose them. The glasses are half empty and full of light!

You chose this time, and you chose this place, and you chose to be here because a reason came forward, a reason to notice this whole field of energy as an exploration of you. Sometimes, we might not be encouraged and wait our whole life to notice that this is why I'm here; that' not a good enough reason. I'm here because I want to be who I am that I came here to be. It must have been important enough for me to make the reservation and show up here. Not just necessarily here, meaning present on this place, but wherever we find ourselves. The giftability of yourself is the beautiful willingness to come in contact with this hardbody framework called life.

So, we find ourselves looking for a reason to be here. It is found in the sense of direction that we become aware of and more awake to as we identify more of who we are moving in that energy. The energy that's moving carries the awakeness of you, of yourself, and much, much more. It's a matter of reorienting the appreciation you have for yourself when you look in the mirror and know there's much more on top of that. How we can begin to find that is in the part of our experience each day that's very simply awake to anything about ourselves that's in motion. the motion you have and the uniqueness of that energy movement are completely unlike anyone else's.

We're just talking very lightly about moving energy as if it were real because it is your own signature, and that signature carries with it all that you are as it becomes awake to itself and fins and identifies more of itself as moving. All this is happening at once. This is something we can't experience, so you can look puzzled; this is more than an experience. It's more than the way you're used to gathering information that would lead to a greater understanding of yourself as you know yourself. This is something more. You won't find it by thinking about it too much. You won't find it by asking many more questions. You won't find it in the perfect moment or an easy day. You won't find it in the usual places you're used to looking.

This awake energy unfolds. It brings about a memory of something that's been forgotten along the way for all. As the memory of that energy moving becomes more than a memory, it finds its own direction of uniqueness, and that's what you're asking for. The most important reason we are all here is to express that unique side of the infinite. The infinite part of life is easy to identify. We can easily say what's infinite. We can have ideas about what's infinite. We can appreciate infinity in a moment, in a sunset, in poetry, and in all kinds of things. The infinity side of life is easy to find. Infinity is here to be expressed along with the uniqueness that's carrying the awake energy. Both are happening, but one has been forgotten. What we're here to rekindle in a very easy way is the part of yourself that has always remembered and has always known itself as awake. It knows itself as awake in the most basic way of its own moving energy, its own movement. This is the part we're not quite sure of right now. This is the part that makes us ask ourselves where we find moving uniqueness within ourselves...

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