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Notice The Love You Have Stockpiled Deep Inside

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Great Light asks someone in the group to give the current definition of what is love?

Person: "I see you for who you are. I am very grateful for the friendship, open-heartedness, and sharing all that with you.

Great Light: Thank you. So, OK, mutuality then is at stake because what if I didn't return that, how would it go?

Person: Then it feels like rejection.

Great Light: Okay, so that's a really good thing to notice then. Not that, you know, we're just throwing that on the table. Not to make anybody think that that's a response. Our heart chakras go deep within us for a reason. We call back light to ourselves, and we call on the light to notice light because all there is light; is there? You know, that's a question we can always throw out here. We know love resides in our true soul light. So, then, why do we assign it outside of ourselves, too? We're not getting very esoteric. This is cut-and-dry light body work.

Person: Is it because we recognize something of ourselves outside of ourselves or what we just think is outside of ourselves?

Great Light: We think. We think. Period. Lovingness is kind of that willful destruction or destroying that view of that temporary person or that persona of that person that we see, and we give them a lot of willingness to destroy whether or not we feel a sense of longing or lusting for longing or maybe just kind of that really wanting something intense, like that. We're saying the word "lust" right now to mean, "I really want it" and not, about sexuality. Everybody can relate to that extreme love and needing, wanting, carrying love, carrying the burdens of others and calling it, myself in love and things like that.

So, it's a kind of a drama. It's kind of a melodrama. It's kind of got juicy information into it because who we like to notice, is who we like to love and be around. We feel that we're bringing back something heartfelt then. Who we like to love is who we notice that we like to love because we like to love, and we notice that we like to love. So, did you get that? That was a lot of circuitous informal logical, and illogic in that, which is the perfect definition of love because it really makes no sense at all and doesn't have any real occupation. -It's just love, and we put it out there and expect to have it come back, and we really expect to have it come back, and we want it to come back, and it better come back, and we set up the rules and the regulations for love coming back, all the time. And if it doesn't meet our specifications and our specific demands on it, then we get hurt, and we get disappointed, and we don't usually acknowledge that this crisis is our situation. We usually attach it to and around and from this beautiful big world, whether or not it's a dear friend or a spouse or whatever.

We notice, however, that we have willingness. So, is willingness love? What is the destruction of life then? -That's a little bit of some questions because we're not sure about our occupation in this hard body here. Life. Do I love it or hate it? Which is it today? Which do I want to notice right now? Is it coming this way? -Then I love it. Why do I love? -Because it's coming this way. I love it because it's coming back to me; good or bad. Happy or sad, I take responsibility. I take a kind of responsibility, or do I? Or do I? Do I notice what's coming this way? Do I want to? -That's where willingness interrupts this story for a second. Why? Why willingness? Why not likeability? Why not love? Why willingness? Because love is sort of a triangular kind of occupation with the apex here and then some down things over here and is that what we are looking to notice? -The points? The points about love are beautiful, and they are awesome points about life and love. They are awesome, and they make us happy, or do they?

We notice life when it comes back to us and when it brings back the whole story of myself, and that is life in motion. Motion is life and love is moving. Do you agree or is love fixed? If we're describing how we love somebody out there, we're kind of noticing that thing that we love before ourselves, even. We might be doing that sometimes without realizing it and also how much we're doing it. And so it's a good thing to notice when you're on this kind of a quest of "Who I am and what I'm doing here" and that it is kind of necessary to have some kind of encouragement and courage to begin to look at the love that we have stockpiled in here, rather than expecting more of it, outside. Everybody knows what that kind of stockpile is like. It comes and maybe it doesn't stay very long or maybe it's lasting. We tend to notice the "timed" value of how long love lasts and how long it will be with "me" based on that object. Probably everybody kind of agrees along these lines.

We know that self-worth has a kind of a last loving look of infinite caring and joy and we know somehow, deep down, that we are empty without it. So what it is that we're suggesting doing right now is kind of filling this stockpile of ourselves so you have something to draw on to do and to find the courage to do a little bit more in the area of willingness to bring it back even farther and deeper inside yourself. This is the work of noticing. How much work is it going to be? "As much as I want it to be." So, how long will it take? Well, maybe it doesn't take long at all because if we're not associating our love and our self-love outside of ourselves, then what would we have but zero waiting. No wait. So, we don't have to wait in the light body building up right now to feel good about coming home about this going home experience. This is a "no waiting room" experience. There is no line. Nobody is holding you up. Nobody is even holding your hand to hold you up.

You actually have the full recourse of the light body that produces a wonderful response inside itself of endorphins and serendipity. Happy for no reason, you know, all those joy qualities that make us just enthused about living...somebody else's? -No. This is about you. So, sometimes, if we're not very interested in knowing ourselves, then we might want to ask and find something that we like or don't like and have the experience (of course, everyone wants the "like part" but the "dislike" is fine too) of what it means to bring it back home. Bring it back home means bringing it back up through this tree, and this base of the spinal column and the abdomen wall and the "myself" and all the parts of myself: my shoulders, my head, and my Beacon ship, and my empty/fullness begins to rock my boat a little bit.

So, it's a kind of a noticing of where you get off, and where you get off is where the light body interrupts the story and says, "Get back on, here." So it doesn't matter where you get off. In other words, we don't have to have a perfection story in place and I don't have to learn anything about this to notice myself. I don't even have to care, or do I? Well, I can pretend that I'm caring, or I can be caring. So, pretend caring is caring that I care, and then I try to make it a gift-ability also, and I try to even the score out a little bit too here, and then I shift my plan tomorrow, and it gets more horizontal or vertical. In other words, I plan out my caring this way, this way, this way. We're all good planners of this. This is heartlight however and so notice the direction of yourself and notice with a willingness to bring it back home...

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