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Speech and Sacred Geometry

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The gift that's between us each is sacred geometry that you say, speak, and vocalize. This means that sacred geometry is forming compartments of stored information and more. Pictures are there also of the past, of the present, and the future. Sacred geometry, however, moves the look that is so profound and so wise that everybody gets to stand aside so that nobody's look is interrupting the flow of you in any way, such as it is now very common that we get in each other's space. We don't really but we're thinking that we are because communication is being thought first and spoken second.

Sacred geometry, however, re-evaluates the sound qualities that are coming out of the vocal box itself and lovingly readjusts the very heart and soul that is here in this space. And in this beautiful space, there's so much richness here and there is also vibration. This is not empty here. This is rich with you. This is rich with you and that look that uncovers and discovers this, brings that back home, as well. So, in this, we begin to interrupt the flow of what people think they are seeing, actually, and instead, replace it with what is knowable. And at that moment, somebody has a deeper feeling about themselves.

This is the wisdom of the energy that we have been describing as awake and universally pleasing to life and life choices.

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