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A Sacred Equation and You

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

So sometimes, Lightbody Activation is happening so fast that the mind only appreciates it at a later time. The mind only appreciates it in retrospect. The mind only grasps what happened as it begins to put two and two together in the way that it likes to put two and two together. This is interesting because there's a kind of a little bit of math here at work, some sacred mathematical equation that's just perfect for each of us.

As the mind takes a direction, it perplexes itself as well as appreciates itself too, its selfless/self. And this is no random accident or occurrence in time and space: everything equals something else. Everything equals somebody else. Everything equals out somewhere, so that's why we're loosely calling this an equation of some sort, and what that equation might be moving us towards is the fulfillment of why we came.

So, the mathematical side of this, using this word loosely to indicate some equal, some equaling out on two sides here of Beings and worlds of creation, yet undiscovered and yet known very much so, is through the equation that links our deepest sensory level with who it is that we also came here to be known as. That equation is right here. That equation for who it is that you came here is on the table. So that means that the most lovingly given glance back home brings to light half of the equation. It brings to light the other half of the equation also, but we're not quite familiar enough to notice what that is yet; what that beautiful flip side of that equation is, but we're going to be working into that. So, what you can expect as your life unfolds is that the equation begins to balance itself so that you feel very wisely able to notice both sides; meaning the switch that's possible within our selfless/self.

In other words, that part of our self that has been mesmerized or memorized, that one side of the equation is getting exposed to the other side of the equation, and because they equal out, they're able to coincide very nicely and where that coinciding takes place, is in your own energy field of light embedded information and even more than information. Information is just part of the overload or overflow or overloading of the documents of the Akashic side of life. So, as this downloads massive amounts of information that have been stored or warehoused just for you for a very long time; time, who knows, time immemorial; perhaps that flip side of time is there too that also chooses the moment that's most appropriate for you to step around that last page so that you begin to write your own story. So, that you begin to write your own story is necessary for all of us because humanity is on that delicate edgy-ness of exploring more about who it is that they came here to be expressing and knowing-ness. Because that flip side of the equation is being interacted with and is very present in this light, we're able to move from one page to another very effortlessly, and we're also able to extend that loving look beyond where we think that last page or any page, to be. We might find ourselves thinking, "I'm on page two right now." But how do we know that? How are we sure until we are off the page?

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