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A Contentment Journey For You To Do

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Okay! We might want to love a glimpse that we gave ourselves today that was, maybe humor-filled and funny and for a moment we felt loose and relaxed, happy and content. Maybe we can give ourselves a loving look at that right now. Let's find a spot here in ourselves. Is there contentment? Where would contentment reside? Where would we find contentment? In the mind? No. Because we can't find contentment there. It's too fast, too sloppy up there and we won't be able to convince ourselves of contentment through thinking a certain thought about ourselves, such as, "I just know I can be content if I try really hard and come up with something good." Meanwhile, our stomachs are churning. So the body gives the message right away; that didn't work. So then what else could we try?

Where would we find contentment; in our elbows, our heads someplace, in our chakras, in our stomachs, our abdomens? Maybe we could possibly find the energy of contentment manifesting now in this area of the navel. So, that's easy. If we focus just for a second, just for a moment and we drop into our navel, we find something moving here, something kind of very sweet. This is your energy. Your energy moves your whole chakra alignment system. Just being a little esoteric here, right now for a moment. Your esoteric chakra system here can notice contentment very easily because contentment is a little bit of a kind of noticing when the emotions are very freed up and loose and easy. And so when that happens, the physical body relaxes quite a bit and you might actually notice that your emotions pool in the navel and allow for a wave, a long wavelength of contentment and contentment means just that; a very long-felt wave. It's very long. We couldn't define contentment if it was short. We would be always disappointed in it if contentment was too short. We expect contentment to be as long and as out there as we can imagine our own existence to be.

So, let's imagine that our navels have a beautiful golden white thread that circulates here also and that stretches and moves. As it stretches and moves, this beautiful thread creates stirs in that single strand of contentment. And up from our hearts also, more strands of contentment derive from there and meet up with the strand from the navel and then extend and extend. So we do want to notice that contentment, that loving strand of contentment goes on endlessly. Yes, it goes on endlessly. It can even bump into other people's strands of contentment and create a little bit of a group sense of contentment, as well.

So, go ahead and lift up your hearts a little bit tonight into that wave of generating contentment that goes on endlessly and find a little bit of relief from your troubling thoughts that way because contentment does not come from an even state in the mind. There is no such thing. Contentment comes from a balancing of your emotions that are able to be rested enough to relax into this hard physical body and this plane of energy movement. Something's moving this body. It's not just me; it's energy and it's manifesting as cellular movement and awakefulness right now, especially. Notice and enjoy that thread a little bit right now. Keep working on that. The emotions relax out of the mental state that they're in and they flood a very welcome relief down the body and down the chakra system that's along the back and then they just form a nice long steady wave pattern.

All these emotions that we're talking about right now, have corresponding wave patterns that we can notice in a very open way. We can move our own thoughts. We can manipulate our feelings a little bit also, so that we can relax them a little bit. We can enjoy our feelings whether happy or sad. We can enjoy the fact that we can notice that we can move them. We can make them move. We can make anxiety or anxious feelings "step along" and say, "Keep going anxious feeling." We keep saying to ourselves, "Let's shift the view here of myself right now so that I can get on with my good work, whatever it is that good work is calling to you to be." Let's get on with it so that we can promote ourselves to be more engageable in our world, having more fun, and having a greater sense of freedom to express ourselves too. Contentment is good. Why not choose contentment when you can on your journey?


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