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Nourishing The Body With Light and Wisdom

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

We begin with a question from someone who wants to know if his body messages can be trusted to tell him the truth when he's had enough to eat or if he should just be on a diet in order to feel lighter and lose some weight as part of an over-all healthy fitness program.

Great Light: Even more than truth here. There's a greater sense of being able to listen to yourself with part of your mind that's actually choosing a greater wisdom and appreciation of all that you are and all that you have to offer, not only to yourself but to the world and to others also. So, this is a bit of a fine-tuning process that's going on here in terms of getting to know yourself as being very able to communicate through that wisdom channel, through that opening that's there and through that stomach that's there, which has in it cells and those cells are all very wise cells and they know exactly what they would like. And so, all that you've been doing recently is opening up some sensitivity to communication with those very wise cells, especially in that stomach area that know exactly how they want to feel, exactly what they need at any one moment. So, at any one moment, they completely readjust themselves and that beautiful fine-tuning process that seems automatic, is actually becoming more communicative on your part with your thoughts and with that wisdom that's there to locate and be part of in that activity in the stomach and that desire to really care for yourself and to have your physical body reflect that greater wisdom is all that you're really experiencing now.

So, it's a very beautiful opening and it can manifest in so many amazing ways as the systems that we use and call our own, actually become more synchronized with a greater reality of who we are. So, it's not just that you're nourishing the body that you see that you're used to seeing in the mirror and talking to, but it's actually a finer body now that you're communicating with, one that's made up of greater and greater levels of knowingness about exactly what it wants to feel like at any one time. So, it's not setting a standard for the week, is it? It's very flexible for every moment the needs of the body can change and be recognized. So, when we go on a diet, that's fine but we also might want to check in with the wisdom that's being continually offered here to readjust and fine-tune whatever needs are coming up that are changeable from moment to moment. So, that's what you're really finding and discovering. So, that's wonderful.

The body's massive system of wisdom is very active on many levels, so whether or not we're living from that level of wisdom, remains to be explored a little bit in any avenue that seems right for yourself that you're feeling called to as just reflecting different explorations of your own interaction with your own energy, with your own greater who you are, what you want to be and where you find yourself at any moment, in any opening that's there. The body is ready to step forward with a huge amount of wisdom of its own. It's part of more than what we see when we look in the mirror. This body, these bodies, are part and reflecting a very great light that's within us and around us too. So, as we go through the day, we can honor that just by looking a little more deeply in who we are and especially, where we might find our energy moving in new ways.

So, time is part of this process. Sometimes we become encapsulated by our belief in our sense of time and when that happens, the body responds very quickly to appreciate and duplicate whatever sense of time we're experiencing also. The body is very sensitive about time; almost as much as dietary requirements. So, sometimes we can shift our awareness during the day; just from the idea of food or recreation in some way, to a greater appreciation of time itself and the influence that time seems to have on the systems that are present, that are working very harmoniously together and often apart from the mind's separate nature and belief in itself and that expression of time that it's very good at recreating in the body, as well.

So, we can let go of that a little bit right now and become a little bit more conscious of that timelessness that's present on a greater level within each of our bodies as light. So, that light has a vibration of its own, depending on who you are. That's your own unique vibration that's working and re-creating yourself, all the time. So, it's good to know the light as much as what you might sit down and eat at the next meal. So, both are important. We can offer the idea of ingesting even some light of our own nature. So not anyone else's idea about what that would mean but actually your own rekindling of a memory of your own energy of that experience that's very deep within yourself and stored as information, in that light. So that light isn't just a visual experience that we're talking about that sometimes we might see in ourselves and around others but also a very real level that's vibrating with stored information about who you are and who you came here and want to be.

So, that light is of unique stories of your own kind, of your own telling, and of your own making. So, just a slight shift sometimes away from who we see we are when we look in the mirror can release a little bit more sensitivity about that light within ourselves. And of course, we can find that light also as a part of that energy that's around us, that's around all things but especially right now, pointing and looking for that light that's very much aware of our own movement of our own moving energy.

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