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Noticing More Than You Think You Are

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Great Light: So, noticing that it's hard to bring it home is noticing; it absolutely is, without a doubt. We wouldn't think that we need to learn about this very much. This isn't something learnable; this is doable. Meaning that I would say who I am, and I would mean it, and I love it, and I hate it, and I want to know it. So, you know, I want me. I want me as I notice myself right now. In other words, I'm willing to grab whatever comes, pretty much so. How nice then to let yourself in on a secret that, "I'm OK." "I can do this." And certainly, we reach out to others also, as we've been calling on the Angelics here to ease that moment that I say, "I'm me".

Sometimes, it's comfortable, so it's easy. Sometimes, it's uncomfortable, so it's hard. So the juicy thing is both have a motioning that I can notice of somebody's here doing one or the other, and that's a very wondrous experience that kind of releases a lot of this concerned approach of thinking about which part is good and which isn't good," which is qualifying of this experience way too much, all the time. Sometimes noticing "good" helps to get the ball rolling. So that's always a good place to start with as something that I do notice that I want to notice. So we can start and we can take it from there and then we can see what willing things come our way and that's our work and we can deal with it. You're doing just so, and it's good.

So, we can continue to notice who we are and of course, we notice everything that's happening in our bodies, in our minds, how the emotions are riding and moving, of course, we notice that, and then we're also free to notice more. So, it's the more that's here, the more...So what is more? More means the reverse of what our mind is telling us is here. So, we know that we're here; we know that this is us, and then there's something else. That something else is very clearly the you that's here. It's clearly all that you came to be, meaning it's the you that has a purpose. It's the you that finds that purpose moving in waves of uniqueness and it's the memory of all that you came here to do and be. So that's peaceful. It's very open. It's not stuck anywhere, but it might be noticed that way. It might be noticed as 100 choices or thoughts that run through us every moment. It might be noticed for what it is also, and what it is, is that opening. So you have that opening. You have that opening. You are that opening. You are that opening in who you are, every moment that you are. You are what you came to be, and everyone is all that they came to know that they are. We're just going to have to shift what we're noticing just a little bit to grasp that memory, that remembrance quality that's also active.

And then someday, you can see how that works for those that you come in contact with and you can extend a hand. You can say, "I've been doing this and try this" and then you've got that hand out too. First, we have this inside noticing of our own sweet sense of movement home, and then we can put a hand out to others later. Start at home. Then, put the hand out later.

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