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Lightbody Psychology And Generous Self-Acceptance

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Let's define our psychology using the re-frame of the lightbody to emphasize what is right about us rather than what's wrong with us! As we explore both liked and not liked parts of ourselves, it's helpful to have willingness to bring all the parts of ourselves home to the here-and-now real physical body; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Which is kind of a funny way to describe ourselves! So, begin to notice where you have drawn that fine line of yourself, and since you drew that line, that gets to be part of you too and that's a good thing. Maybe you're thinking right now, "No, I don't know if it's a good thing" but it is a good thing because there's just one life here. One light, one life and it's not a soap opera. This is the light of your life here and your light is not separated out, anywhere. It's all home-based, present, and awake. Evil? No. It's just confused about the location because how many things have you called yourself when you were not present and accounted for? Meaning that you were not fully connected to your real physical body and your own emotions. So, then we start the separation battlefield: good, evil, the players, the light, the upside down, the dark, the destruction, the anger, the angst, and all of that stuff that's out there but it's not in here.

You want to say the memory of yourself correctly and at home, present and locatable with all your soul light coming home in a welcoming way. For example, you can try imagining that you're at the door of yourself and you're saying, "Here I am." If you start to push something away, some part of yourself, then the psychology area of yourself wonders, "Who's going to be at the door next time, suddenly we're not sure, it could be anybody". But no, it's just you. The psychology of the whole event is you and that welcoming home gets to be very generous and accepting of flaws and joy and everything. You get to have a practice, if you want to say it like that, called welcome home, however, that practice of home is already you, so it really doesn't take any practice! And so then we're disappointed, "What, I don't have to do anything to have this happen? That's so disappointing". Yes, it may be disappointing, so bring that home too.

And so there it goes and you see the circles start to be drawn in the line of ourselves and how we say this thing to ourselves that's happening. It's very complex but the lightbody moves the view home of yourself with light in the body and it's already full so you don't have to worry about filling it up like, "Oh oh, I don't have enough in the tank," kind of a thing. Or we might think, "Oh oh, now what's the price of this going to be?" You can catch it and re-frame it as "This is me" and instantaneously it recognizes itself as a memory of itself just gone off somewhere for a second and it brings it back.

This gets to be a way of life called, noticing the way it is and it's not harmful. It's healthy and it's helpful to say to yourself, "This is the way I am and this is me and I'm OK," or whatever or however I want to say, "This is me." So, it's that wonderful welcome gaze. Welcome the view of you because who else has that view? The psychology of the lightbody is one of confidence. Confidence that comes directly from you noticing that, you and no one other than you, can register who you are. Nobody else is going to get there ahead. There is no competition even though everyone has an eagerness to know oneself in this way. "This is what I came here to do. "What did I come here to do? Oh, yes, to notice. What did I come here to do? I came here to notice the way it is with me."

What did you come here for? Did you come here for something else? The whole point here is, "Is this not enough?" In other words, the psychological drama says, "This can't be enough". This is all there is, and so that's it. It's just me, and that's all OK but there's got to be something more." What is that more, is what's out there that has yet to here. Imagine how confident it would be to feel your own unique sense of yourself; that's confidence off the scale because nobody else can do or be you. You are an original and you are not duplicatable. Shining lights all are we, each of us.

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