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The Open Door To Who We Are Is Our Purpose

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

So, the open door here is the movement of our own selves as we get to know each other in a deeper sense, in a deep best sense of who we are. And so, what is that? Who is that? That is the "why we came here for," the purpose part. That is the moving quality of ourselves that's moving ourselves to that one pointed expression of who we are. So, that's all that purpose is, that's all that purpose is.

It's like a rain on itself. It's like a rain on itself. The rain brings that moisture to the ground itself. The rain knows itself in the garden. The rain knows exactly where it's needed, what to do, where to put down the rain, and what the rain will bring up in that area. So, that's the part of us that already knows what we came here to do. We all already know what we came here for. We all already know.

So, what's keeping us from that then? What could be keeping us from knowing what we already know? What could that be? It could be nothing. It could be that question that we ask ourselves when we go to bed at night, "What's it for, what did I do today and what does it mean to me, what I did do?"

So, that's some look at appreciating yourself but it's not the whole story and we won't get an answer easily with that kind of questioning. The kind of questioning that's expressive of ourselves, is more closely attached to the question: "What did I come here to be known for, to be and what did I come here to do and what did I come here for?" And you already know that. So, listen. So, good.

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