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Shine Your Light of Uniqueness

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

So, this is all-important information that you're free to know about, no secrets and no holding back. There's a genuine inquiry going on with the cells and between the cells that are calling up the light, cell phones; cells are calling always to that light inside yourself. Cells aren't randomly disconnected from that light of who we are. We think of a separation sometimes between energy and the physical body, that we have when there isn't any. So, your body is ready to phone that light that's presenting itself somewhere that seems hidden from view, even though it's clearly here. Everyone's clear light is clearly shining because that's how we got here...we got here through that returning memory of who we are that's carried with that vibrational aspect or quality of that light of uniqueness. That's how we're here.

So, what do we do with that? What do we do when we find ourselves with awake energy moving inside ourselves and we start to catch a glimpse of our own light or light around someone else too or something, or our hands begin to be warm and moving with that light and energy? At that level, communication within our body is ready to be fully appreciated for what you came to do and why you're here, and who you are. This isn't going to be manifested by your lightbody. This is going to show up with the who you are because that's how it gets integrated and becomes real. That's why we have the physical forms that we have so that we can do something with them. We're just not sure what these forms are capable of expressing because we have been looking at these forms for a very long time and they seem to do the same thing every day. So, we're asking for a little bit of a fresh approach to seeing what these physical forms can express and carry out. There's no limit to what you can know for your own self-discovery, in terms of your waking up your own purpose and your own purposefulness. That's actually what is meant by knowing everything about yourself and then being capable of expressing why you're here. In other words, exactly why you're here, is why you're here.

Your own unique energy is exactly why you're here so that you don't find any reason to copy anybody else on this journey or you might miss something special about your journey. Sometimes we follow the direction our mind's eye takes us but our mind follows itself with thoughts and looking that are about who we think we are. When that happens, we think that by looking somewhere, we're going to find more of ourselves. Sometimes we consult books, astrologers, mighty teachers and all outside sources that might console our senses in some way as to bring back a piece of what we really want to know, which is ourselves. And ourselves can't be found that way. Ourselves come from a pure noticing, a pure wave that goes out from who we are and that's what we may be noticing a little bit right now. That wave goes out and comes back again as ourselves and as energy that's gone out somewhere seemingly; seems to go out and bring back something more about ourselves. Notice that wave that gathers insights about life and energy and movement of ourselves coming back, all the way.

Sometimes, this information gathering that's going on, that we send outwards, isn't quite received by the who you are and is received by the mind and by the heart and registered on the feeling level but the who you are might be forgetting a little piece of this puzzle. The who you are, is a memory that's been unused for a very long time. It's time to re-kindle this forgotten memory of ourselves by understanding that energy movement, is who you are. We're not stationary or stagnant consciousness. We're moving ourselves because that's how we locate ourselves in that infinity, as well.

We have that touch. That brush on the canvas that's infinity; that stroke of infinity. Then we have that sense of looking at that canvas and being that canvas and also appreciation of the artist that made that first brush stroke. It's the first brush stroke that counts on that canvas. That's the one that we're here to remember. The original stroke of color is only yours and nobody else's; that's a little bit of that flavor and color of uniqueness coming forward. That is the light of our own soul and it's as unique and expressed by you as who you are that you came here to be known as.

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