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What is Fear and How to Name It

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Some fear or no fear? Do we stop fear so that there's no fear ever again or would just a little fear work? It's appropriate to have a sense of danger or warning of feeling scared to not hurt the body in any way. We don't want to have harm come to the body. We would want to take excellent care and give ourselves the biggest picture of wealth and health to ourselves that we could possibly muster at that moment. So, would no fear in that picture, work?

So fear doesn't really work very well by itself. We have to work at fear to make it very real. Fear by itself has no life of its own that could continue on and on. It is a short kind of experience. It's on the experiential plane of life more than an idea of something that's real. So, that means that we can scare ourselves with nothing very easily. We can be most scared of nothing, as a matter of fact. It's hard to be scared and fearful of something or someone without a lot of a good reason coming out. So, what does that leave for fear then? Do we have to name something to be afraid of it? Yes. And what happens after we name it? Are we left afraid then? Maybe we are. Maybe we even notice something else with that fear of that naming. Perhaps we notice that fear is best left alone and that we notice that fear doesn't matter to us right now. We can notice that fear doesn't have any activity of its own, does it? Fear is motionless actually. So if we feel that we are always afraid, part of that look at ourselves is kind of un-moveable, yes? Are we afraid that part of ourselves is unknowingly un-moveable? Maybe. Maybe part of our look at ourselves can be encouraged to move the idea of fear from here to here to here.

Let's move our fearfulness so that we name it very clearly, such as, "I am afraid to be __________" or "I am afraid to be known as ____________" or "I am afraid to be unsure of ___________". We could also try saying, "I am willing now to look at myself. I'm not afraid at all of _______________ and I never have been and I never will be. I am beautiful to myself. I am not afraid of myself because I'm looking at myself right now and I don't see anything to be scared about right now. This is kind of interesting, how I can look at this fear about myself and find a new way to move it."

So, we're not going to eliminate it right this moment because we don't want to lose our sense of ourselves that's here also. So, we welcome the naming of our fears very closely and with a lot of love in our hearts, and then what happens is that we find we moved just that look of fear. We didn't have to mess with the fear too much. We named it and we looked at it with our most loving sense of a willingness to trust that we are great at this. We can try saying, "I'm great at looking at myself. I'm great at naming my fear here a little bit with the help of somebody that I love maybe, so that I can get through that first initial panic that I might be afraid to notice myself in this new way. And then I come forward without a trace of fear. I noticed that all fear is that part of myself that I have not noticed in such a long time, that it had gotten a little bit stiff. Stiff and because of that, I called it, fear."

So, let's rename ourselves not based on the level of fear in our lives but on the level of looking at that fear and giving it some new names and some flexibility to move itself around a little bit so that we find that fear does move; that it has NOT the ability to withstand our own look, our own loving look at ourselves at that presence that's here. You can uplift yourself before you do this. "Wow, look at me, I'm wonderfully awake. I'm supercharged up with love right now and I really want to look around and see what's here today for me, so supercharge this!"

Supercharge this to be what you want it to be; free, easy, happy, and knowable, and naming the qualities that you like to see in yourself and growing that part of you. Growing it is fine work. OK! Fear. Yes, what is that again? Does it mean something right now? Is it loose, or a little bit looser? No? Fear in the body or the heart? No. In the mind? So, then name them. Don't let it be undiscovered territory! By naming this fear, you name it something so it is not nameless. Is it pain? Name pain then. Naming pain releases the emotional quality a little bit from the physical body. Some hard work may be there and then notice your good efforts here with yourself, as well as your courage and willingness. Appreciate yourself and keep on stirring and looking at yourself with love and self-liking and a lot of encouragement to notice more and more of what's available to be lived. We're talking about living. It's a big planet and it's a big opening that's here to fall into that love of your own self and of your own heart. To be clear about ourselves is why we're here. Good job! Carry on!

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