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Knees, Breath, Energy and Your Lightbody

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

So it's good to notice that the root or base chakra is a strong energy base and is connected with the spinal tailbone energy and warmth. This energy base is a big pool of energy and then the next one is around the knees. The knees are very important and just as spiritual as the head; knees and head-can' tell them apart sometimes! The knees hold a very critical energy because it's offering a beautiful connection point. As soul and the lightbody come forward, anchor points come forward, also. Anchoring in the body is important because we have these bodies and they're quite good at what they do. Knee energy is very helpful and if you have some weakness in the knees, then put some bracing support around the knees that's comforting so the knees feel solid. Then the ankles and feet are energized too and boost up that whole energy experience and pop it back up to the top again so it can recirculate. So, that's why we keep our feet on the ground, mostly, so that the feet can pop up that intimate energy that's yours and bring it back up again to the top, and then it finds its way back down again through these points.

You don't have to visualize that so much as feeling the solid, grounding effect of yourself at different moments and noticing the strength and the force of that energy plane that's present. So, when you feel rock solid and happy on the ground, it's a good time to reflect on that plane of light and loving energy that's there. If you're somewhere else, then you're probably not noticing that rock-solid-grounded-fully, expressible cord of light that's drawing your attention down. So, there's a reason for that, which is that otherwise, an individual can get lost in the vast space above the head. That has to do with the way the sensory equipment has been designed. With the senses, there's a little bit of a pull, and an upwards stretching and the senses rise upwards naturally. They become lighter as they move up through the chakra cords and as they reach over the head, they naturally fly out. So we're not going to easily locate that lightbody bond that's present in the physical body and pulling downwards, while we're floating around somewhere out there through the sensory perception doors that are usually open for most people and species and Beings of all kinds.

That's why this gift, this blessing of this cord, this final cord chakra that pulls downwards, is very refreshing to our whole body system because it lets us breathe more deeply. Everybody can drop their own sense of who they are a little bit and with that, find a smoothening of their own personalities. Also, your emotions can rest a little bit more. That way, things balance out because of this final plane of light that's here. Even the feet pick up some residual energy from the dropping out of this plane of light, at the knee joints. If it's possible, you can use your hands and try a gentle upward push on the base of the kneecap so that the kneecap "floats" a little bit. This can bring an automatic release of the base of the muscles around the tailbone. It can also be helpful to massage the kneecaps now and then or simply take a moment to rest the hands on the knees during the day when seated.

So, the connection to the base and knee joint area, also helps the breath to drop down below the abdomen, and then, when it's brought all the way up to the throat center or a little bit higher, everything breathes too. We breathe all around ourselves, not knowing that we are porous. Feel the difference when breathing deeply, up from the base and through the abdomen and not just from the chest. It's not just from the lungs that breathing happens, although the lungs circulate the air like a pump and exchange it through the membranes of the lungs. What nourishes the breath and fills the tank of vitality, is when the breath is drawn up from the base and root chakra. Breathing deeply from below the abdomen can even expand the lungs a little bit more. Feel the superfluidity of yourself then, as if every cell is breathing and able to notice where you started that breath to rise up from.

Notice how breathing that begins from below the abdomen, is a much deeper place to breathe from. The breathing structure which connects yourself very wisely to Mother Earth ground, offers the platform of stableness to your emotions and your awareness of who you are. When you notice this beginning breath point, the gathering of your own life force is noticed too as the plane where the lightbody is anchored in. This force of vitality moves itself upward across all the planes of light and nourishes the deep physiological needs that can be met within yourself. Anyone struggling for a breath and getting lost in that strain could change that a little bit with the downwards shift to begin to start the breath deeply, from below the abdomen. Bringing the breath up through the base may also change the pressure along the neck and loosen tightness in the throat, voice box, and chest too. This isn't a technique to practice but just your own experience of what you can notice and then let it do its thing throughout the body. You don't have to follow it everywhere but you can take note of any improvement of feeling and physiology.

This is an easy, breezy system at work here. Everything is perfect. We just aren't always sure where to reach for information about the perfection of our bodies. This is just an offering to everyone to be aware of how sensitively perfect the physical body form is struggling to know itself, for a reason; for a long happy life.

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