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Therapeutic Lightbody Work

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Q: "How do you get past resentment?"

Great Light: Then, "I have to bring some more love here because who is it that "resents?" Since I only have room for me in my world, where does the resent go? If I decide to, I can blame a heck of a lot of people but I won't actually heal anything by that. So it's a simple kind of an equation of, "Do I blame or do I stay alert to my own resentment?" So it's a very beautiful healing operation to bring back something as pain because we're actually taking the thorn and detaching it from where we think it belongs, which is where our judgment comes against us, and sometimes we actually need to just put it back in here for a split moment; just a quickie and then we heal it this way. And then that person is free as a bird to go on their merry way.

Resentful or not hurtful or whatever, that detachment phase is what you're looking at, and resentment will not appreciate that. So, you can't get a "handle" on it that way. You will have to bring some willingness, and it just hurts for a second because we've gotten accustomed to thinking the story out that way. We've gotten willing to kind of notice that the person did something that we resent. So, in this therapeutic lightbody work, we're doing some re-conditioning of that experience to be more in this sensitive area because you are an awesome soul, and where would resentment be in that soul?

Q: It shouldn't be there. Can I just let it go?

Great Light: It shouldn't be there, but it is, so we occupy the space with resent. We say, "Bring resent here, and I am willing to do what it takes to make this my resent, and that changes the story a little bit." It gets the other person off the terrible hook that we're swinging them from and we can look at it for a tiny second in a different way, okay, because it has some light moving it back home and that is what the joy of the light body does. It gets the other person free also, in case we might be carrying a grudge for a long period of time and we actually only hurt ourselves that way, and it doesn't feel very good. As soon as you think "resent", you can think of one million reasons, right? They just start coming up: resent, resent, resent.

Person: Can I try to ignore it?

Great Light: Well, you could try, but that's not going to work very well. And so what the occupational hazard here is, is that we need to be willing to bring; just saying that very lightly, to bring some of that danger back inside here, back here. We need to be willing to just accept some responsibility, something. It doesn't have to be a lot because sometimes it is a very painful situation. Just noticing what we're talking about can sometimes be enough to make the shift happen right now. You might actually try saying to yourself, with a kind of little lighthearted laugh, "resent-resent who?" It's kind of like saying, "Huh?" and "What am I hearing? What do I notice? It's just to create that little tiny doubt that the mind is so sure about that resent item there.

So, you don't have to hammer at it to make it let go or loosen the story of it. Sometimes, we think, "I better get the hammer and chisel out for this one. This one's really big and I'm going to have to dynamite to get at it." In actuality, the lightbody is so delicate and there's purpose and purposeless-ness too. You don't have to hammer at it, to let it go. It's just like a little bubble. It pops. As soon as the light releases something, little angelic beings come and it just pops like that and we feel the instant release, instantly. It's an instant release of guilt and struggle, well, struggle.

We're not actually very confident that this is happening because we're thinking so much that we have to identify our problems and actually it's quite, quite not the case! The lightbody is actually able to notice exactly what it is that you need to notice at any time. There's this beautiful ability to notice. It's okay to notice. Noticing you-ness is the movement of that light body that notices why I would present myself here. Why would I? Why would I? -Because I care about me, our selfless/self, our love, our joy, our beauty, of all that we are that we came here to be known as. -To notice me. So, it's not like we're forgetting about all these painful things that have happened to us, wherever they are and whatever. We're not just going to magically wave a wand and have them vanish on us here. We're actually going to have to do something wonderful, and we're going to have to notice myself in motion, in activity, right now. Not a fantasy right now. Noticing who I am, it's okay. As soon as that happens, then something willing comes on board too that I could possibly share this experience.

We are each unique and remarkable. We are happy, beauty, and joy and we just forget and sometimes we get a really small view of ourselves. We get a small view, and especially, our view actually gets more distorted if we are blaming outside forces for our reality, and then we are actually encouraging a smaller view, then.

In the light body work, the joy is an open, vulnerable space quality where no one could hurt us, or could they? "I suppose they could, but I'm willing to take that risk. I'll be a little out there and I'll be willing to be a little risky and that's OK. That works. I can take that on. I can be a little bit risky with that love going out because I realize that the extent of my life is more than just that little risky spot." So, you know, we have all these awesome components of our light, and it is all working. It's working. We don't want to create a tight spot for this to work in, so we create a light and loving spot so we can feel confident that this, indeed, is the way we are.

We are beautiful, awesome, spiritually delightful people living in a spiritually devoid world? No, no, no. That light is for you to share and give and be well about. So, first, we want to have a healing moment for ourselves. We want to feel good in here so that we can gift out there.

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