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Time Travel

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to today's blog which is about a delightful moment from the past, in which Pleiadian Great Light answers a question from someone in the group about time travel and then, also, if Pleiadian Great Light is in contact with other Beings doing time travel. Here's what comes next:

Great Light: So, no one here in contact with others, so we can offer you some insight on time travel if you like but the Pleiadian expression that's here, that you're seeing and speaking with, is purely on the energy-momentum of this movingness of itself. And because it recognizes this movement in a big way, it recognizes that energy and named it Pleiadian for its awake quality of movement but otherwise, not in contact with any Beings as you're imagining but we can speak a little bit on time travel if you wish because that's always an enjoyable topic and interesting as it goes in many directions naturally, all by itself.

Time travel means the ability to conjure up, in a way, some imagination on our part, as to stretching our beliefs about where we are. So, where are we? We could be not quite sure where we are and if that were the case, you might find yourself somewhere else. So it depends on how sure you are that you're right here at any moment. So, if you're willing to suspend some of that belief that you're the body, the hard-moving body that you see yourself as and see others as then you might find yourself willing to express your form someplace else. So that's a big job and so we encourage it only from the gentle perspective of being who we are, presently because we can find most of who we are in the present, right now. We encourage not looking too much ahead and not traveling too far backward either and so those that might be drawn into that interesting avenue of backwards and forwards, are mirroring other existences which are manifesting, of course, always at once.

Remember that time is an illusion of some making; time is very stretchy. If we were to look at time as a material, we would find it to be stretchy like a rubber band or stretchy glue. This glue is in our minds a little bit and so we can jump around with it. We can stretch it a little bit even right now, some of us here may be wishing for time to jump forward or we might be very happy with this moment. A lot of perception about time is based on our own present knowledge of ourselves, rather than past or even ahead in time. The most important, valuable lesson of time, is that we have right now and now is the most precious seed form that time exists in. Right now is really where we mostly want to be. Although we can learn something from looking behind and sometimes we can glimpse some opening by looking ahead, a little bit, there is much randomness in the fluidity motion of time. Nothing set, no points to follow and so time itself, is a rather big subject for any of us to connect with in a specific point and it would take a master of information, in the sense of being able to locate their own uniqueness anywhere-anywhere-any-where. So, we're just complimenting ourselves tonight on locating ourselves here and now and then see what happens about then and ahead. So, good question.

Spacecrafts that can move and jump through time are certainly a possibility in some areas of the universe, in some moments, that craft might present itself, if you're wondering about that. That again, would be manipulation even more vast than our own conscious experience of time because it would be an expression of material form manifestation, as well as our own conscious appreciation of our own uniqueness. It's very advanced just to imagine how that would be massively appropriate for someone, perhaps somewhere, that was interested in that. The universe is vast and open to anything; open to anything, open to any opportunity that anyone wishes to pursue. First, know where you are now before you go in any other direction. Find yourself now.

So if you're wondering about out-of-the-body travel like remote viewing, yes, lightbody can move easily like that. Yes, lightbody is free to travel through the medium which it knows itself again as, which would be light, the light of its own source of itself. It's possible that any experience that comes along in that lightbody, would be enhanced through some imagination. So that's good, that's OK and that's all right too because imagination is very lifting. That's different than fantasy. Fantasy is connecting the dots of something that's not real and imagination is offering a glimpse of something bigger than the mind knows about itself. So that's good.

Lightbody is a good vehicle for this expression of locating and knowing itself to be awake everywhere. The lightbody doesn't draw those points of itself to itself in the same way that our solid form carries that remembrance of itself as being present. So, lightbody is free to reflect and be that light more easily, but not exclusively. Our bodies, our hard bodies are also awake so we don't have to travel in our lightbody or even leave these hard bodies to be awake to that greatness of ourselves. So, mistake, just a little bit, to think that our hard bodies can't give us an experience that only our lightbody might be associating with itself. The hard bodies are fully able to express and manifest their complete infinity with itself as energy. Energy and light are the same, moving at different frequencies and knowing itself in different ways. Energy knowing itself is more firmly grounded in reality and light expressing itself more quickly and easily but still carrying very critical information about who we are.

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