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What Moves You?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Mind, body, that spirit; the link up. The link-up of all of us here together right now. Mind, spirit, the wind in the sails. What's rocking your ship? The movement of your soul light, spirit, that motion detector ship of light. That quality-less/quality, until you say who you are, we'll just call it empty spirituality because you have to define what that essentiality is to yourself. You have every right to define yourself. That's who you have inside, that ability, that ability-less/ability. It's that open. That's the open; the unflowered essentiality of yourself. The open and the shut means this extension out here that's moving with light and destruction so that you can always retain the view of this light.

And so it's that force of nature, of spirit a little bit, colliding with that part, that willing quality that releases that Lightbody for the next engagement party or look or wisdom. And so you can feel that and notice that it's you, it's you.

It's very powerful wisdom to wake up to me. There's nothing like it on the planet, to notice you, yourself is sweet.

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