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A Tidal Wave of Lightbody

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

This is nice, this is tender. Feel that tenderness. Remember when we're talking about how you're striking the cords of your soul light and hearing that melody too, like plucking the strings of a harp or something like that? And you feel very nice, very good and you may think, "Who is it that's feeling good, Oh, it's me." So, this "me" quality must be pretty darn nice and it must not be too disappointing. Disappointment is not on the agenda for lightbody. We may think about that sometimes but in actuality, light recognizes the agenda of its own selfless/self. To use a Vedic thing, just that idea of turning around to recognize yourself, not out there but to recognize yourself also not on somebody else's face or from some beautiful wisdom story. No. No. It turns on itself. It turns on you.

It brings it back through the shroud of time and space and parts the veil long enough for you to notice whatever it is that you came here to notice and for you to see that and notice it and not forget to remember for all time who you are that you came here. That's the lightbody talking right now. It is a gift of itself so it doesn't need any thanks or anything. It just does what it does and it is what it is and that's good enough. That's how it works when you're the light of yourself, as well. It's not, not good enough. It's good enough. That light pressing back up itself notices that it's here for a reason and it feels happy and contented and full of all the joys that you want to have in yourself for all time, forever more.

So, yeah, probably a nice long last look here. That sense of love that doesn't go away. That returns fullness to itself, that establishes itself kind of like a seat of itself. And knowing where that seat is inside yourself and wanting to be seated on that seat of that self and having that evenness there and that flood gate open too and turning back upon itself and noticing what it feels like to have a tidal wave at your back and feeling that press of that lightbody motioning home.

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