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How Do You Define Chakras?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Someone asks Pleiadian Great Light the question, "What's a chakra?"

Great Light says: "What isn't a chakra?"

The person responds: "A cup."

Pleiadian Great Light says: Okay. This cup isn't a chakra but I'm going to drink from this cup, later or maybe never; the point being that I could make that a cup of chakra tea. I could open my eyes and see that cup for me. I could notice that that cup is important to me, that I speak to that cup about myself, and that I want to notice that cup as myself. I want to have that cup have the experience of being a cup while also being my chakra, my chakra cup. I'll lovingly refer to this as my chakra; my cup of chakra that overflows with whatever milky stuff is in there, right now.

The point is, that we can overwhelm a chakra at any moment without worrying about the description because the chakra is independent of the system of language so we can verbally acknowledge the cup to be in its place on this chair. Or we can also say that any way else that we choose to recognize this chakra might also be an equally valued expressionless/expression of something hidden deep within the soul light of chakra consciousness. So, that what we're kind of getting down to here, is chakra consciousness. What's that? Yes, chakra awareness of the tonal qualities are very blendable in the heart, in the mind, and in wisdom. Chakra conscious, what's that? We're used to saying conscious, "I'm conscious today of what? I'm conscious of me? I hope so. I'm conscious that this blending is available anywhere in my framework. I'm conscious enough to notice that my own descriptive process is only language-able by me."

So, don't let any fool say that chakras are lined up like so. Fools give this power then to a lined-up series of, what? Always notice that you are in this lined-up series, at least. Always notice the temptation to even reference a chakra out of line as anywhere else in the mechanical description of your own lightbody enjoying its own work, its own workout, its own expression. So, flexibility comes here flexing the chakras. Go ahead, flex the chakras; put them out here and ask for the Angelics to move them around in the field. We don't have to think that they're lined up perfectly or that if they're not lined-up perfectly, then we don't have to expect ourselves to release that or have any kind of thinking that, this is foolish to think this way because the lightbody is way way out of control. We can't line up the lightbody, so why try? Why try to line up anything here? Why not just let it be perfect? It is what it is. It is open to perfect so it moves all the muscles of the heart this way; the heart chakra. The heart chakra explores the movement. Is it here? It might be somewhere outside the body, also. It might come home again. It might notice itself as movement. Let's just call chakra conscious of movement of soul light, how about that!

Let's just call chakras, beautiful Angelic movement of conscious entities exploring the openings to the physical form, that we call, lightbody activation. Let's just call chakras something that we notice very deeply within our own hearts. So, then we can color them any way we want to. We can move them anywhere we want to. We don't have to practice the lining-up theory of evolution. We don't have to place ourselves in the purple or the violet.

Let's be wiser now that we notice our own light.

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