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Let's Look Deeper Into Who We Think We Are

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The following message from Pleiadian Great Light is imbedded with deeply moving healing energy and universal light; the mind may not be able to always follow along and that's a blessing for the emotions...Thank you, everyone.

Sometimes we may think, "I just want to be happy and even feeling all the time and not have to notice any other emotions, like anger or sad or angst" but unfortunately, it doesn't work that well because the strength of life is in the light moving home and not in the outcast parts of our self. The mind, as soon as it makes the choice for good or bad or whatever comfort zone it has created artificially for yourself, then everything else is history in the making or history gone wrong or something gone sour. And then, we cover it up with different personality traits that we view as faulted or not.

So we started out with something really perfect here, something perfect and it was to create movement to feel alive here, against the heat in the mind here, which is more destructive of judgment-y, evil-y, you know, "I just want to pick joy, yeah, that's good and everything else isn't." Where does that selection process end in the heat? It's nowhere. It's motionless. It doesn't have much to detect in terms of movement because you've isolated it just as joy or happiness. Of course, we're all swimming in this multi-glutinous, stretchy, feed-y, nourish-y, you know, bread-like me; "I'm fermenting myself here," so that the bubbling up is natural and we don't have to choose one or the other.

Sure, we want to feel good but let's define what that is and not accept it, the mind, for what it says is good. Let's actually feel what good feels. Let's feel what evil/joy feels like and let's give ourselves some room for breathing here. Let's give ourselves up here, to the light movement here, to that light. To the light of yourself, means that a closer examination of all of these things that are the components of ourselves need to really be taken on board and that's what you're up against here. That's what you're in the midst of and we all are taking more and more on board here, which leads to a richer, less stable but more predictable life. So that's interesting, less stability, more predictability; why, and why not, why does it have to be the other way? Let's turn everything that we've taken for granted along the way, and let's turn it upside down. Let's rock the boat. Let's create doubt, and let's stir some memories. Let's get it going here and not be so complacent about who we are. Let's not accept who we are. Let's look deeper into who we are and find out who we are. Otherwise, who are we; we are not sure who we are and that creates doubt in psychological areas of our life as to our natural state, "Well, I better be happy all the time." Well, are you sure about that? Maybe you are not that kind of a Being, all the time happy. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Let's find out, let's notice. Let's accept without judgment, the view of you, and that means a whole new criterion then of our psychological development, of our mental health, of our emotional well-being, of our physical strength and stamina and stability. In the heat of the fire of loss, that's the first one to flame on, kind of warnings.

Evil/joy are kind of like flipping the coin quickly, like opposites interrogating each other. It's also integrative; working it out. It means that you have a life to live you and not to separate out what you like or don't like. You know, we're not separating out, this is "evil lightbody" and this is "good lightbody." It wouldn't make sense. Our souls are actually just nurturers of life and light comes "this-a-way" and we don't have that ability to separate out this and put this on a pedestal and you know, keep this locked in the basement, that kind of thing. This is just a very natural state of life that we're not accustomed to because we have described it in a separated-out way or had it described for us.

So, the whole point of this being, is that we each have our own unique and innate ability or inability, could be both, it could be a little bit of both, to describe this heat feeling in here, this heart of heat. There's a lot of willingness to do that. That's a good reference point. "How willing am I today to do this work of my soul," means that I'm just going to bring home enough messaging here so that I feel some press pressure, almost feel some pressure. Do you feel pressure a lot of the time to notice yourself? In other words, it's harder to notice others before yourself. You're tending to reorient yourself like a compass, like a compass gone wrong. We look for direction but we have it already here. We are just not describing it well enough to feel this mighty compass in here, this magnetic force actually creating doubt, creating harmony, creating everything that you live your life to shower upon yourself as a gift, as questions and answers. Don't be afraid to ask mighty questions. Don't be afraid to have the answers come to you or not come or come later. Ask questions that you can answer, that's a whole new style of questions. Don't throw up your hands and say, "I can never answer this question," because you'll create a longing in your heart to notice something that's gone wrong; we have the ability to ask and answer. That's the whole point of getting this light here, is feeling the heat in here, in the heart, in the heart chakra connecting with the speech, with the mind, and with that empty/fullness.

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